Thursday, 14 December 2017

And suddenly it's week 9, term 4, 2017 - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Room 10 :)

Happy, safe, fun holidays everyone!!  
See you in 2018, from Room 10 2017 xxoo

Thursday - An emotional (for Ms Trow!) final prizegiving saw 4 certificates given for academic achievement and Stanley Avenue Values.  Nerro and Malcolm won year 5 and 4 academic awards, Ella and Taranpreet won Stanley Avenue Values awards.  Ms Trow is very, very proud of all her Room 10 classmembers - you are a wonderful, fun, fantastic - fabulicious (oh, ah), group of beautiful young people.  I look forward to hearing of all your future successes and achievements. xx

Monday of week 9 we had our school trip to Te Rapa pools.  A fun (but exhausting!) day had by all.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Weeks 7 and 9 in Room 10....

Week 8:

In week 8 we prepared to farewell Sandie after 25 years teaching... we made videos, a scrabble board with pictures painted dedicated to Sandie and 25 words describing her, and we re-wrote a Bryan Adams song for her :) Reports went home. A new student started.  End of Year certificates finalised and preparation for prizegivings next week and moving classroom next Thursday.  End of term is zipping towards us!!

Week 7:

This week we have been making Christmas decorations and Christmas advent calendars and bookmarks.  We also finished our Christmas hat decorations and our tech challenge Christmas decorations.

At the weekend Ms Trow was parent help at the Aspire Dance Academy show in Putaruru... She found Ella there - Ella dances hiphop with Aspire and was in the Lady Gaga dance.  Awesome work Ella - you were fantastic on stage!!! :)

Friday, 17 November 2017

Week 5 and 6 in Room 10 :)

Week 6:

On Tuesday we had sun umbrellas put on our picnic tables outside our classrooms in the Middle and Junior Syndicates.  They are amazing and we really needed them this week with the awesome sunshine heating up for Summer - HUGE HEARTFELT (rather than 'heatfelt'!!) thanks to the PTA for supplying them for us :) Here are some photos of the tables outside Room 10 and 9 :)

On Monday we held a Middle School Technology Challenge block.  We split into teams and we had to construct a tower that would support a basketball - using only newspaper, a section of sellotape and some staples.  We had a design brief that we had to fill in before we constructed our towers.  We had 2 rounds of challenges to see who created the winning tower.  First it had to support the basketball for 30 seconds at least - then it had to be the tallest tower...  

Woohoo!!  Congratulations to our winning team:  Chloe, Casey, Saskia, Greer, Chloe and Taranpreet:

Then we played Colour Tag around the school in our houses - Congratulations to Hauraki who one :) Here are some photos of our tower creations and Colour Tag game:

Middle Syndicate Tech Challenge & Colour Tag on PhotoPeach

On Friday we started our School Kit 'Curiosity' mission...  For this mission we have to research a famous New Zealander - can be famous for anything we choose - and we have to work out if we have any connections to them.  Then we have a set aerogramme type letter to fill in... then the fun begins!!  Our challenge is to pass the letter on to someone we know who passes it onto someone they know until it reaches our famous Kiwi... 

If you log onto the School Kit website: you'll see all the information and some cool responses some of our fellow School Kit schools have received so far! Very cool work!!  Already we've found some exciting connections!  We'll update our blog as we begin sending our letters out.  

(Note, these can be posted but they have to be put in an envelope and have a correct NZ Post stamp attached - you can only post to someone you know as well - no cheating and posting direct to your Famous Kiwi... that doesn't count!)

So put your thinking caps on and see what connections we have out there - and how small the world really is!! :)

And speaking of post.... Ms Trow posted the first big envelope of letters to Santa on Friday :)  We've put our own home address for Santa's reply - so they should go direct to your homes :)

Our joke for the week is from Nerro:

How do you know everyone wants to go the graveyard?
- Because people are dying to get there...

Week 5:

We visited the Junior Big Day Out - its was awesome to support the Junior's in their fun events... lots of us remember doing the events last year!! :) Here are a few photos of us at the Big Day Out:

Room 10 and 9 visit the Junior Big Day Out on PhotoPeach

Congratulations to Casey, Talia and Charlie who won prizes for our Recycled craft projects at the Te Aroha A & P Show recently. Well done girls :)

We have been busy finishing projects and starting new Christmas based ones :) Here we are making 3d pop-up Christmas Trees :)

Beginning our Christmas Craft and Art Work 2017 :) on PhotoPeach

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Week 3 and 4 Term 4 in Room 10 - Athletics Day!! :)

Monday is our school Athletics Day!!!! We will be kicking off at 8:30 in our classrooms and then walking to the park at 8:45. First activities start at 9:15 - remember your House colours top, drink, lunch, hat, sunblock and smiles - its going to be an awesomely fun day!!! :) Everyone (parents, family, friends) are invited to come join us - or even help if you would like - we'd love your help to make this an awesome day :)
          Ms Trow will post some photos here when she has them ready :)
See you there!! :) Go Mokena :) !!!

Joke of the week from Charlie:
What did the knickers say to the bike?
I do better skiddies than you....

(Disclaimer from Ms Trow:  the class votes for the joke of the week, not Ms Trow - the amount (of lack of!) humour in the joke is down to the sense of humour of the students of Room 10 only.... 
and Charlie, this is a bad one lol hahaha)..... 

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Camp week in Room 10 :)

WOW Camp Week snuck up on us fast!!  What an awesome, exciting time we had at Lakes Ranch - and then back at Camp Classroom (for the year 4s)...

We had the chance to experience so much:  orienteering, mud run, kayaking, rock wall climbing, glow worm walk (which was totally amazing!), buma trail, horse riding, slug gun, archery... and the camp was great with trampolines, loads of space to play, and swimming pools.  We had such an awesome time team building with our groups and others, and trying new things!

Thanks to Ms T and Mr Spicer for all the hours, wrinkles and hair raising planning and arranging, and to Mrs Haddock, Miss Malone, Mrs Knevytt, Mr Muir and all our awesomely fantastic parents who helped with parent help on camp and transport.  A huge heartfelt thanks from us all!  Without you we wouldn't have had the wonderful camp experiences we've had :)

At Camp Classroom we made tents in our groups (inside and from tarpolines), we filled in our Camp Journals, we played camp games and drama games, and challenged each other with Just Dance.  On Friday Keyarn's mum brought in their baby bunnies for a visit - sooooo cute!!  If anyone is interested they have some free to a good home :) . Then Mr Muir came to see us and we had lots of cool team building games and activities in the Rec Centre.

As year 4s, we can't wait for our next full camp in Year 6!!!  :) Here are some photos from our Middle School Camp Week 2017:  (NOTE:  YOU NEED TO RUN ADOBE FLASH PLAYER TO PLAY THE VIDEO RUN OF OUR PHOTOS)...

Year 4, 5 and 6:  From Lakes Ranch (Tuesday and Wednesday):


Year 4s:  Camp Classroom (Thursday and Friday):

Cool Times at Year 4s "Camp Classroom" on PhotoPeach

Thursday, 19 October 2017


WOW!!!  Term 4 has started fast and exciting!!!  This term is filled with all sorts of exciting and inspiring events - as well as testing and report writing!!  This week we have had an exciting Tuakana Teina buddy session with Room 1 and Mr Spicer - starting our display work (see here for more details as the very cool display (prepared by our clever Mrs Rendell :) ) - takes shape!!) Here are some photos of us working with our buddies:

We have started athletics training ready for our Stanley Avenue Athletics Day in Week 4.  Because we have limited time to train with Camp in Week 2, we are training in two different sections:  Relay, Running, and Fitness activities = Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and field events:  High jump, shot put, discus and long jump = Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Here are some photos of us training this week in our house groups:

Next week, week 2, we are going on our first ever Stanley Avenue School Middle Syndicate Camp!! :) Year 4, 5 and 6s will be going to the awesome Lakes Ranch Camp in Rotorua on Tuesday.  Year 4s will stay one night and return to school Wednesday evening, while everyone else will stay on and return to school Friday afternoon.  Loads of cool activities and challenges are planned, including:  buma trail, night glow worm walk, mud run, kayaking and much more!  We have been working in our camp groups this week organising our camp journals and our camp skits.  We are really excited (and nervous, but more excited!) to go on this amazing experience.  Thanks to Miss T and Mr Spicer for all their organising of the camp - they have put in a lot of hard work and time finalising every detail to make this camp truly fantastic for us all.  Year 4s will carry on with camp based activities and challenges at school Thursday and Friday too :)

Here are some photos of the whole Middle School Syndicate in 'camp planning mode':

And on Thursday we had our school photos.  This year we had the class photos taken outside, it was a lovely 'fresh' day, and we had a beautiful gust of spring blossoms swoop over us as we were having our photos taken - added an awesome, cool touch to the moment :) . Here we are getting ready for our class photo:

Have an awesome, fun and safe Labour Weekend everyone - the joke of the week is from Alize:

What did the sushi say to the bee?
- Wasabi (whats up bee) :) 

Friday, 13 October 2017

Term 3, Week 9 and 10 in Room 10....

And so we zoomed through to the end of a terrific, tasty and timely Term 3... happy holidays everyone and see you back for a fast, frantic and fantastic Term 4 :)

Here are some photos of us learning and experiencing new things through the term (once I get the hang of how to download there here - just a few technical glitches lol)...

Some more of our talented Room 10 gymnasts with their awards - well done girls :) :

Term 3 fun - random pictures :) on PhotoPeach

Squash skills with Kay :) on PhotoPeach  

Spring art and craft with Room 9 :) on PhotoPeach