Sunday, 22 February 2015

Week 3

What a great week, we've focussed on proper nouns and using capital letters in the correct places for our spelling words.  This is us sorting proper nouns into different categories.

We have learnt some new games that involved skills to develop teamwork,  coping with winning and losing and having fun!  We played 'Whiz,Boing, Bounce', Giants Wizards Elves( a larger version of Paper Scissors Rock) and untangling a Human knot.
We did a basic facts assessment on Friday. One hundred sums in 8 minutes. Some of the class used a coloured overlay to see if it helped make it clearer.  Congratulations to the nine children who improved their scores since their last one.
Our class poem this week was called Remember Summer.  This is us presenting it in groups to the class.  We talked about pausing at the punctuation.


  1. Wow Room 10! You have been busy. It is exciting seeing some familiar faces doing some fantastic learning.

  2. I love my classroom it has so many oppochunites to take part in

    from joseph


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