Monday, 13 July 2015


Hope the holiday is going great...
Wow hasn't it been cold, I'd heard of farmers struggling because their milking plant and teat spray had frozen.

What experience have you had with the ice outside your place?

It is a great time to throw a few words together, especially when you can use your senses.

I love the crunching sound when walking over the grass
I love looking closely at the crystals
I love the whiteness
I love snuggling under the covers
I love seeing my breath
I love hot food
I love being by the heater
I hate having cold toes...

Don't you just love what water can do.

I'll share some pictures from last year with the beautiful crystals formed while we were near Mt Cook at Lake Pukaki and when we cycled at Lake Ohau.

These crystals were amazing - little spikes growing off the rocks, when you picked them up they all fell off.

Can't wait to hear about your holiday break.

Mrs H
PS: Email me any photos you have of the ice at your place.

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