Sunday, 28 February 2016

In the Classroom

These past four weeks has seen Room 10 transform from an empty shell into a bursting learning environment full of colour.

We are all busy learning new things, acting on advice and pushing ourselves to create things we are extremely proud of. In this past week alone we have been learning about recounts, abstract art, our powerful voice, as well as focussing on our reading, maths and swimming.

Here is a picture of all our colourful self-portrait abstract art up on the walls - we look forward to seeing you come through and having a good look at them.

Here is a wee snippet of our sensational recount writing.

On Monday the 22nd we played a game of hide and go seek. 

We started tumbling back and forth like a swaying yoyo. Finally I found a spot under the cupboard. It smelt of dry paint and vivid.

Thundering foot steps were coming closer and closer, I felt Mrs Knyvett tower over me, like a tree in the red woods. I held my breath until my cheeks turned bright red. "Zak" she laughed.
"Oh", Zak mumbled.
I let out my breath with a relief. She looked over the side of the couch. I lay on my side to blend in with the couch. "Bradley, Charlie" I heard her saying. I put my finger to my lips. 

By Lyla

Make sure to check back in next week to see even more of our great pieces of work.

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