Sunday, 31 July 2016


Welcome back to Term 3 in Room 10 at Stanley Avenue School.

During this term the big event of focus within New Zealand and all around the world is the Rio 2016 Olympics.

There is a lot we can learn from the Olympics, and the countries and athletes involved in them. Over the term we will be looking at what it takes to be an Olympian - not only the commitment it takes to be an outstanding athlete, but the values that they must show: Friendship, Respect and Excellence.

We will be working hard to demonstrate these values ourselves, as we strive to "#betheinspiration" at our own Olympic Games, being held in Week 7.

Every athlete knows that the first step is having a dream and setting goals. So that is exactly what we have done in Room 10. Cross country is only a couple of weeks away, and we are going to be training hard to run to the very best of our ability. To help us determine how fit we are, and set realistic goals for ourselves we had John Muir, from Sport Waikato, come and time us around a 550m track. Unfortunately the weather didn't play its part, so we had to be timed around a small track in the Rec Centre.

Being on an inside track proved to be insignificant, with a number of our class providing very fast times. John has a record of times from students all around the Waikato, and was able to tell us that 2.30 minutes is a very quick time for an 8 year old. We had two students go under this time - Justin recording a 2.27 minutes and Harry a 2.30 minutes. A number of others were under the 2.40 minute mark - which is also very impressive.

Now that we all have a starting point time we can begin setting goals for us to work towards, learning about what food and training is best going to help us achieve these goals.

Keep checking back in to see how we are getting on working towards achieving these goals throughout the term.

Here is a short clip of us during our self reflection with John Muir following our 550m run.


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