Saturday, 1 April 2017

Term 1 - weeks 9-11 in Room 10 :)

Week 11:
School holidays are nearly here already!!!  This week we finished off a lot of our display work, started our Anzac Day remembrance activities, and had fun with our Easter celebration work...  (we'll post a video of our processes when we've finished them.... but they look awesome!!)... watch this blog :)

Here we are with Shay, from Te Aroha College, having fun and working hard :)  Thanks for your awesome help Shay - what an awesome teacher-in-training :)  You're welcome back to Room 10 whenever you like :)

Week 10:

This month (April), Warehouse Stationery is holding a post postcards promotion - you can post as many postcards as you like for free in April - anywhere in the world!!!! :)

We have been working with our buddies in Room 9 making and creating cool collage emojis of different feelings.  We will display these in our rooms with the Te Reo Maori translations for the feelings.  They look amazing so far!! :)

Te Reo Maori Emoji feeling collages with Room 9 :) on PhotoPeach

Home Learning this week - the students will have the basic facts sheets for their maths level to practise.  Being able to remember their basic facts instantly helps students to quickly and correctly solve mathematical problems and learn new strategies easily and successfully :).

This Friday is our Performance Assembly - we look forward to sharing our syndicate singing item with you.  Assembly will be from 2pm Friday :)

Week 9:

For Tuakana Teina #3 we learnt how to make cool word art with our Room 1 buddies.  Here we are learning and creating our word art, using the website:

Tuakana Teina #3 - Tagul word art with Room 1 :) on PhotoPeach

Congratulations to Shavonne and Taranpreet for gaining the Principal's stickers for their FABULICIOUS Kiwiana art work... We are also creating and publishing acrostic poems that we will display with our cool Kiwiana art work :)  Look at their awesome art work!  Well done girls - you worked hard and created awesome posters!!! :)

Joke of the week - from Casey:

What do you call 2 open banana skins on the road?
- a pair of slippers :)

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