Sunday, 21 May 2017

Week 3 and 4, Term 2 in Room 10

This term we started whole school Jump Jam in the Rec Centre - 9:10 till 9:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Some awesome jump jam talent coming through - and not just from the students :)

We now have our Te Reo Feeling Emoji art on display in our cloakbay area - thanks again to the clever display skills of Kathy :)   And also our ANZAC display is up in our class.

We have also finished our Kiwiana art and acrostic poems - these will be displayed shortly in the classroom.  They look amazing :)

This week is our School Bookfair in the Library.  Our exciting theme this year is Pirates.  Ahoy there mateys - arrrrr arrrrr, it'll be a fun week to be sure!!  Dress up day will be in Pirate theme on Friday - for a gold coin donation.

We will be doing different Pirate based learning through the week also to get into the Bookfair Pirate spirit :)

We will also be starting a 'Survivor' style unit where we work in teams with daily problems and challenges to concur - the team 'surviving' at the end of the competition are the winners :)  Room 9 have already started their team work and challenges last week - we may do some challenges against them in this time too.

Our Joke of the Week is from Casey:

Why did the whale cross the road?
  - To get to the other TIDE :)

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