Friday, 24 April 2015

End of Week 1

Our mini unit on ANZAC has brought about a lot of great discussion, sharing of family information and developing understandings.
We've enjoyed hearing stories from home - the coconut thrower, the photos of medals, pictures of soldiers from both WW1 and WW2.
Here are some of the reflections about the week from the class.

Upokoina - I think ANZAC day is special because the people died so we can live in peace.

Leah - This week we have been learning about Anzac Day. We looked at different groups in the army. I was excited, we started with a soldier then we went higher and higher, I loved it.

Teagan - I think ANZAC day is special because these people fought for us.  They gave up their lives so we could live in peace.  This week I learnt how many soldiers were in a squad, an army group, and a troop.  I was surprised.

Bradley - The ANZAC's risked their lives for us.  We are thankful that they did that.  They showed dignity bravery and strength.  They did it for us to have peace and to have freedom.  Flander's Field has lots of poppies and trenches.

Sophie - In Room 10 we have learnt how many people are in a squad, in a platoon and lots of other different group names in the army.  We had to go home and have a talk to our family about relatives in our family that may have been involved in the war.  They had to be 18 to go to war but some faked their age.

Laine - I learnt that Anzac day is special for a lot of people. People died for New Zealand. First I knew a little but I know a lot more about Anzac day. Anzac day is a time to remember the soldiers who have fought in the wars.

Natasha - I think that Anzac day is special to remember the soldiers that died in war for us  and for peace in the world.

Sativa - I learnt that Anzac Day is a day of remembrance for some people.  Some people stand for a minute in silence to remember all the humble and very brave soldiers that fought for us so we can keep on living.  Thousands of Kiwi's and other people were fighting, getting killed, wounded and badly injured.

It is rude to let any country or cities flag touch the ground, it is disrespectful.

Chance - We have been learning about Anzac day. We found out that there is up to 1 000 000 people in an army group and there are 250 in a troop. Around 16 000 000 died in World War 1.

Sofia - This week I have learnt how many solders are in a army,wing,platoon...we printed,copied,counted,
glued & researched.We got up to a million solders !
But all the hard work payed of.Mrs H also read us a book about Anzac day,it had a lot of letters to read.We learned alot about how & why people wear poppies on Anzac day,we created poppies to put on our display.

Anna - Poppies grow upon Flander's Fields between France and Belgium where many soldiers lost their lives and were killed in the war. Some people were saved and some were injured. Grenades, bombs and shells were flying threw the air.

Sarah-Jo - The Great war was from 1914-1918. There were over 16 million soldiers deaths and over 20 million wounded. This year is 100 years since the ANZAC soldiers went to Gallipoli and landed at Anzac Cove on the 25th April 1915 and my great, great grandad was one of them. The turkish had the advantage because they were on top of the hill and it was very hard for the Anzac's to climb up because the hill was very, very steep. After 4 years war the remaining ANZACS boats sailed back to their homes in Australia and New Zealand.

Shelby- Anzac day means a lot to people, especially those that went to the war or relatives who were involved. Some soldiers didn't come back. That's why it means a lot to the parents. We found out there were up to 40 thousand soldiers in a Corps.

I hav learnt that we should never let a flag touch the ground. We wear poppies to remember the people that died in the war.  People stand quietly to remember the people that died n the war.

Riley - I think ANZAC day is special because it is a day to remember the people who have fallen just to bring all the destruction to an end, sacrificing themselves so we could all live in peace.  People sell poppies to remember those who have been in wars and haven't returned.  Some people who died, got buried in Flander's field with a cross at the head of the grave.

Noah - This year is very special because it is 100 years since Gallipoli.  In Gallipoli there are still trenches from WW1.  We made poppies with lolly sticks, paper and cardboard.

Toby - ANZAC day is a special day because people died so we can live in peace and live well.  (Always Remember them).

Joseph - I asked my Mum if she knew how many medals my great, great, great grandad Ruben had.  He has five medals for serving.  He was in World War 1 but was too old for WW2.  My great, great, great, grandad Ruben was in a brigade.

Kahurangi - We learnt more about ANZAC day.  A battle in the first World War was in Gallipoli which is in Turkey.  Many soldiers from Australia and New Zealand were there.  It was horrific, guns going off, grenades being thrown and people being killed everywhere.  It was a fight to the top of the mountain. 

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