Thursday, 2 November 2017

Camp week in Room 10 :)

WOW Camp Week snuck up on us fast!!  What an awesome, exciting time we had at Lakes Ranch - and then back at Camp Classroom (for the year 4s)...

We had the chance to experience so much:  orienteering, mud run, kayaking, rock wall climbing, glow worm walk (which was totally amazing!), buma trail, horse riding, slug gun, archery... and the camp was great with trampolines, loads of space to play, and swimming pools.  We had such an awesome time team building with our groups and others, and trying new things!

Thanks to Ms T and Mr Spicer for all the hours, wrinkles and hair raising planning and arranging, and to Mrs Haddock, Miss Malone, Mrs Knevytt, Mr Muir and all our awesomely fantastic parents who helped with parent help on camp and transport.  A huge heartfelt thanks from us all!  Without you we wouldn't have had the wonderful camp experiences we've had :)

At Camp Classroom we made tents in our groups (inside and from tarpolines), we filled in our Camp Journals, we played camp games and drama games, and challenged each other with Just Dance.  On Friday Keyarn's mum brought in their baby bunnies for a visit - sooooo cute!!  If anyone is interested they have some free to a good home :) . Then Mr Muir came to see us and we had lots of cool team building games and activities in the Rec Centre.

As year 4s, we can't wait for our next full camp in Year 6!!!  :) Here are some photos from our Middle School Camp Week 2017:  (NOTE:  YOU NEED TO RUN ADOBE FLASH PLAYER TO PLAY THE VIDEO RUN OF OUR PHOTOS)...

Year 4, 5 and 6:  From Lakes Ranch (Tuesday and Wednesday):


Year 4s:  Camp Classroom (Thursday and Friday):

Cool Times at Year 4s "Camp Classroom" on PhotoPeach

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