Friday, 17 November 2017

Week 5 and 6 in Room 10 :)

Week 6:

On Tuesday we had sun umbrellas put on our picnic tables outside our classrooms in the Middle and Junior Syndicates.  They are amazing and we really needed them this week with the awesome sunshine heating up for Summer - HUGE HEARTFELT (rather than 'heatfelt'!!) thanks to the PTA for supplying them for us :) Here are some photos of the tables outside Room 10 and 9 :)

On Monday we held a Middle School Technology Challenge block.  We split into teams and we had to construct a tower that would support a basketball - using only newspaper, a section of sellotape and some staples.  We had a design brief that we had to fill in before we constructed our towers.  We had 2 rounds of challenges to see who created the winning tower.  First it had to support the basketball for 30 seconds at least - then it had to be the tallest tower...  

Woohoo!!  Congratulations to our winning team:  Chloe, Casey, Saskia, Greer, Chloe and Taranpreet:

Then we played Colour Tag around the school in our houses - Congratulations to Hauraki who one :) Here are some photos of our tower creations and Colour Tag game:

Middle Syndicate Tech Challenge & Colour Tag on PhotoPeach

On Friday we started our School Kit 'Curiosity' mission...  For this mission we have to research a famous New Zealander - can be famous for anything we choose - and we have to work out if we have any connections to them.  Then we have a set aerogramme type letter to fill in... then the fun begins!!  Our challenge is to pass the letter on to someone we know who passes it onto someone they know until it reaches our famous Kiwi... 

If you log onto the School Kit website: you'll see all the information and some cool responses some of our fellow School Kit schools have received so far! Very cool work!!  Already we've found some exciting connections!  We'll update our blog as we begin sending our letters out.  

(Note, these can be posted but they have to be put in an envelope and have a correct NZ Post stamp attached - you can only post to someone you know as well - no cheating and posting direct to your Famous Kiwi... that doesn't count!)

So put your thinking caps on and see what connections we have out there - and how small the world really is!! :)

And speaking of post.... Ms Trow posted the first big envelope of letters to Santa on Friday :)  We've put our own home address for Santa's reply - so they should go direct to your homes :)

Our joke for the week is from Nerro:

How do you know everyone wants to go the graveyard?
- Because people are dying to get there...

Week 5:

We visited the Junior Big Day Out - its was awesome to support the Junior's in their fun events... lots of us remember doing the events last year!! :) Here are a few photos of us at the Big Day Out:

Room 10 and 9 visit the Junior Big Day Out on PhotoPeach

Congratulations to Casey, Talia and Charlie who won prizes for our Recycled craft projects at the Te Aroha A & P Show recently. Well done girls :)

We have been busy finishing projects and starting new Christmas based ones :) Here we are making 3d pop-up Christmas Trees :)

Beginning our Christmas Craft and Art Work 2017 :) on PhotoPeach

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  1. Yay Christmas!! How exciting!! Can't wait to see the finished products!


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