Thursday, 20 July 2017

End of term 2 in Room 10 :)

WOW!!! Its the end of term already!!!

At the end of the term we were lucky enough to have the awesome Mr Muir visit to talk to us about Healthy Eating and Projos Lunchbox.  Here's some photos of us working with him.
Here's photo from our first session with Mr Muir. We did this session with Room 9. Justin was our walking organ diagram, and Senator shared his 'super banana man'. :)

Term 2 our first session of Healthy Eating with Mr Muir on PhotoPeach

Term 2 Session 2 Healthy Eating with Mr Muir on PhotoPeach

Thursday night of week 10 was our PTA disco with a pyjama party theme.  It was a really cool night!! :)

The last few weeks we have been practising our Middle and Senior Syndicate jump jam sessions - our performance assembly will feature a special dance we had been working on to wow you all with :)  Here's some photos from our Jump Jam sessions - and a special session on Wig Day Wednesday, when quite a few 'famous' celebrities (their hair anyway!) joined us....

Jump Jam - Middle and Senior Syndicates :) on PhotoPeach

And that brings us to the end of an awesome, exciting Term 2, and the end of having the sensational, super, Mrs Spooner in the office... We wish her all the very very best for a fantastic retirement, we thank her with all our hearts for always being their for us and for all she does for us.  Mrs Spooner, you are simply the best, lots of love xxxooo  (here's a video of Room 10's thank you notes for Mrs Spooner - we snuck into her office while she wasn't there and had photos taken.... Ms Trow quickly put a Mrs Spooner wig on for her photo - stick to blonde Ms Trow, stick to blonde haha)...

Thank you the sensational Mrs Spooner!! We'll miss you!! on PhotoPeach

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