Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Greer's holiday :)

In the July school holidays, Greer and her family had an awesome holiday in Sydney.  Here are some of her favourite holiday pictures, and a story by Greer about her amazing holiday :)

In the photos below, Greer is having a yummy breakfast (the pancakes are as big as her!!), she saw turtles, baby crocodiles and stingrays at Manly Sealife park, she patted a kangaroo at Sydney Wildlife park, she cartwheeled on Bondi Beach, she climbed a HUGE crane (very large), and she visited a prison (very small) and a power station at Cockatoo Island, her family role played in the Titanic (very scarey!!, Richie was in 1st class, Dad and Greer were in 2nd class and Mum was in 3rd class).  Greer also met the Queen, Princess Katherine and Prince William - and she sat on the Queen's throne!!!  They are lookalike statues - but don't they look real!!! Prince Harry was there too but he didn't make the photo :)  

My holiday by Greer

In the holidays I went to Sydney.  I had to get up up at 3.00 am. We flew out at 7.30 am. We got to Sydney at 9.00 am and caught the train over to Central where our motel was.

First we went to Darling Harbour. We went to Sealife. There were dogfish and sharks and more.  We went to Wildlife I got to hold a koala.  It was fluffy. I also held a snake and a baby crocodile.  We went to Manly Sealife. I got to swim with sharks.  We went to Madam Tussauds.  The Queen was there.

I went to Cockatoo Island. We went to the jail and the power station.  

For breakfast we had buffet every day, but not Thursday.  For tea one night we had Chinese.  Another night we went to an Italian place and another night we went to the steak house.  Two nights we had tea at the motel.  

I went to the Opera House.  We went on a boat to Circular Quay  and we went on a train and a bus.

We went to a beach just out of Sydney.  I didn't swim.  It was too  cold.  

We went to a shopping centre.  We went to a chocolate shop there.  We got 11kg of Lindt chocolate for only $11!

There was a Nike shop there too.  I got nike pro shorts.  I got gold and grey and pink ones.  My mum got two pairs of shoes.  My dad got five tee-shirts.  My brother got nike air shoes.  

On Thursday we left our motel to go to Sydney Airport to fly home.  We had to get there at 3.30pm. We flew out at 6.30pm. It was a 3 hour flight to get to Auckland.  We got to Auckland at 12.30am.  We got home at 2.30am.

Thanks Mum and Dad, I had a fun holiday in Sydney.  Love from Greer.

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