Monday, 31 July 2017

Jayson's Holiday Space Research

My Space Study - by Jayson

In the holidays I studied space and everything about it like:

  • In the middle of the galaxy there is a black hole in every Milky Way.

  • Without a Black Hole in the middle of the Galaxy, there will never be a Galaxy.

  • Black Holes have a gravitational pull .  This pulls everything to it - like the gases from the Galaxy, this holds everything in the Galaxy together.

  • Black Holes are also important to the Galaxy as they have a dense gravity.  The Galaxy needs this to support it.

  • A Black Hole is made by a dying star that then forms into a Black Hole.  The fragments of the exploded star collide together and form the Black Hole.

  • How are Supernovas made?  A star collapses on its core and two stars collide together to form a Supernova.  These have to happen together to form the Supernova.  Supernova’s are very common.

  • Gamma Ray bursts are made with a Supernova.  The Gamma Ray is formed from a star that is spinning faster than the speed of light which then explodes and makes a Supernova with a laser firing out of it.

Made by Jayson thanks for reading my research.

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